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We are content creators and designers specializing in virtual reality technologies and immersive environments.

PHOSPHEN's raison d'être is to provide unique experiences through existing immersive technologies... and those of the future.

Through interactivity, the senses, or immersive audiovisual, our aim is to generate powerful emotional experiences that will stay in the audience’s imagination.


Our services fall into two main categories: individual immersion through virtual reality and collective immersion. The latter is an increasingly exciting field as more and more installations such as domes (for example planetariums) and other communal environments are coming online.

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Thanks to our expertise, our experience and our constant research and development, we design content that maximizes the power of immersive media. At Phosphen, we employ innovative solutions that make our projects unique and optimal from all points of view. We ensure real symbiosis between the environment, the storytelling, the technologies, while meeting your strategic communication and digital mediation objectives.

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Jean-François Ethier

Founder, producer and designer

Dominic St-Amant

Founder, artistic and technological director

Julien Marceaux

Techno-educator, instructional designer specializing in immersive learning

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Virtual reality and immersive environments are possible thanks to technology that evolves very rapidly. In order to reach and maintain the highest level of quality in our industry, we constantly innovate by experimenting and building new tools and creative processes. Each project is unique and warrants a tailor-made approach. We consider research and development to be essential to our evolution and that of our industry.

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