We script and produce immersive works for virtual reality headsets or broadcast in domes or any other immersive space using language and storytelling aimed at layman or specialist audiences. Our synthesis of creativity and technology means we offer unique and all-encompassing emotional experiences.
Immersive works
We have an experienced team of specialized programmers and a unique expertise in immersive storytelling. This allows us to create customized applications and all other forms of immersive interactivity. We have a proven talent for transforming the most complex ideas into simple, fluid and intuitive experiences.
VR applications and interactivity

Based on our instructional design specialist’s insightful and rigorous analysis of the training needs and skills to be developed, PHOSPHEN designs and produces tailor-made immersive simulations that will place your employees or students in effective, engaging training scenarios. Whether preparing a new employee for his workstation, training a technician in new procedures, promoting health and safety instructions, practicing emergency responses or developing leadership, empathy or teamwork, the tools we offer provide practically unlimited potential. 

Our innovative interactive 360 ​​live capture technology is the way to go compared to generating traditional virtual reality by computer. More realistic and just as interactive, significantly less expensive and faster and has greater deployment flexibility.


More and more research is highlighting the therapeutic potential of virtual reality. For example, studies have suggested convincing results for various pathologies, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, mood and cognitive disorders, and pain relief. We specialize mainly in the elderly in collaboration with geronto-psychiatrists.

The infinite adaptability of immersive technologies makes it possible to produce tailor-made content at the limit of your, and our imagination. We can create installations with content that adapts to your spaces, but also organize events in existing immersive rooms and projection domes. We can even install mobile domes anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
Permanent immersive integration
As technologies are increasingly present in building construction, we offer consultation, design and the production of permanent immersive installations.

Architectural Virtualization
We offer virtual reality visualization tools based directly on the plans of engineers and architects. It is therefore possible to move about freely in a future building by wearing a virtual reality headset. Among other things, these tools can help to visualize projects as a whole, even before their construction, whether at the architectural level or at the level of their placement in their ultimate urban setting.

The applications are many and varied; assistance with conception and design, proof of concept, customer approval, site monitoring, events, PR events etc.

In an era where technology is ubiquitous, many more traditional companies, agencies, brands and other organizations are struggling to reach or impress their audience. As a result, digital mediation through immersion can be a great way to break through by reinventing content. It can be applied to the classical arts such as theatre, music and other performing arts, but also to museums which can turn to virtual reality to interact with a public that is out of reach for reasons of distance, age or reduced mobility.

At the dawn of the Metaverse, we specialize in meeting your needs through immersive digital mediation strategies and objectives.

Examples of services: 360 direction of photography, deployment strategies, custom turnkey production, programming, design assistance, consultation on immersive technologies.

Digital mediation