After studies in philosophy and at the HEC, Jean-Francois founded his own production company where he designed, scripted and produced projects for both the government and the private sector. He also worked as a TV designer for PIXCOM.

Recruited by the advertising production company La fabrique d'images, he produced commercials for major brands for the majority of Canada’s advertising agencies. After this successful foray into TV advertising, he was promoted to Director of New Technologies and Branded Content. He then received extensive training in Argentina and over the years won a number of Canadian Créa and other marketing awards. He has filmed in more than a dozen countries and as a result has exceptional experience in international production.

Later, Astral Media/Bell recruited him as executive producer and director of branded content. Following a range of important contracts as a consultant, he joined B-612 as a partner and subsequently founded Phosphen. His projects under the B-612 umbrella have won both Gemeaux and CRÉA awards.

Founder, producer and designer

Jean-François Ethier

During his ten years as the video director of the immersion department of the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] Dominic developed content production and broadcast techniques for immersive environments. He participated in the creation of the Satosphere ( a revolutionary projection dome ) and participated in putting together more than fifty spherical productions in addition to training nearly a hundred new immersion artists. His expertise saw him chosen to give conferences and masterclasses internationally.

A specialist in 360 spherical direction of photography, he then dedicated himself exclusively to the production of immersive experiences. His vast knowledge of the immersion and interactivity industry has seen him push the limits of this innovative medium by developing his very own unique camera rigs and processes.

Founder, artistic and technological director

Dominic St-Amant

Julien is a degree-holder in school and social adaptation and has a certificate in the pedagogical integration of immersive technologies from the University of Lyon (France).

For more than 10 years now, he has been designing, producing and implementing training activities using virtual and augmented realities for technical and university programs. He also trains and consults at Canadian colleges and universities in the field of extended realities (XR ). He has led projects in the design of virtual reality simulations for training and evaluation purposes for l’Université de Montréal’s School of Psychoeducation, l’Université Laval’s Faculty of Nursing and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Techno-educator, instructional designer specializing in immersive learning

Julien Marceaux